Sunday, August 06, 2006


Greetings from Prague!

A friend of mine said, shortly before my departure, that Prague is like a fairy tale. And she was right. This is a place where they let you inside the palace walls to wander in amazement. Its so easy to get lost here, and doing so without a trail of breadcrumbs to mark your way is really quite the treat. The cuisine is a delightful combination of meat, dumplings and brie, with lots and lots of cheap, delicious beer (Pilsner Urquell!!) to wash it all down. Nobody litters here, apart from the tourists. The Metro is clean and simple to navigate and the trams and plentiful and always on time...

The only thing I would caution visitors against is the marionette theatre - its HORRIBLE!!! We were expecting real marrionettes (you know, like the heart wrenching stuff from Being John Malkovich?) but instead we got two sticks attached to wrists coming up from under the stage, bopping around to a recording of Mozarts "Don Giovanni". This was meant to go on for some two hours. We left after 20 minutes and reclaimed our night by getting lost and discovering a quaint little ice cream parlour with a variety of whimzical flavours to choose from and an even more whimzical harpist plucking and strumming right there inside the shop as we browsed. Chocolate ice cream as dark and as rich as the depths of the Earth.

We leave for Krakow this evening on the night train. This journey has only just begun...

... and here is a look back so far:

This is Prague as seen from Praysky Hrad, the palace, high above the old part of the city.

A not uncommon sight, the myriad of tourists wandering the streets of Prague often consult their guidebooks as the wander. Here, Laura immitates one such tourist. Right...

Did I mention the beer? Cheap, delicious, and lets say nutritious. I love beer. I mean, Prague.

Jana, Laura´s friend from their old Harrods days who has since returned to her native Czech Republic, was unnendingly kind enough to let us stay in her very modern and conveniently located flat here in Prague. She is awesome. But she can't have my dumpling.

Below, some entertainment from the Charles Bridge.

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