Sunday, February 25, 2007

Code Name: Spinner

I'm moving forward on an idea I've been developing for something like four years now. The technology has finally become ubiquitous and cheap enough to be accessible to and producible for the masses, and my own talents and skills have developed to a level where I believe I can do it. I can't openly say much more about it for now, but I will say I've begun assembling a team and things are already coming along very nicely.

My first editing job since coming home took place a couple of weeks ago; glad to have broken the seal on that one. A short film with a tight deadline, the work was intense, though a lot of fun. Having to go straight from work at Teletech to the filmmaker's house, pulling 16+ hour days for five days straight, certainly took its toll, but the final product was well worth it, as was the new friendship that developed.

I sort of pushed my way through the doors of Studio 709 on Friday and showed those guys my stuff. Fortunately they had PAL playback capabilities, so I was able to show them some of my work from the UK as well. They seemed impressed and assured me as projects came along I'd be contacted. I'm going to keep on top of that one, though. In my experience, people rarely come looking when they know they're the ones being sought.

Its been a low key weekend, mainly due to my battling a cold and witnessing yet another 30cm of snow descend upon this town. The white, bouldery mountains in front of the house are exceeding 15 feet in height, and extend out into the middle of the road, which has now been reduced to a narrow path suitable for only a single car's cautious passage, one direction at a time.

I'm moving out of my suitcase tonight.


cheryl said...

ugh. suitcases.

Ricjunette said...

Good post.