Sunday, February 04, 2007

Not Yet Done/About to Start

Its Sunday and the film isn't finished editing, though it is coming along nicely. Going to see a play Friday night then eschewing the expense of cab fare for a stay at Peter's ate in to most of my weekend, as has work on Dan's DVD menu design (the favor more or less exchanged for use of his camera, though obviously we'd both hook each other up regardless).

Its getting late now and I start work tomorrow, in just over eight hours. As soon as I finish my tea I'm going to take Casha for a walk, then climb into bed with my book, see if I can't induce a need for sleep. I've been off the working man's chronometer for some time now. The very thought of an imminent paycheck has me feeling wired enough as it is.

I was going through my old DVD work from my days as Titling Star Designs yesterday. I'm going to call Studio 709 tomorrow and see if they need any occasional shooters or editors, see if they'd like to have a look at some of my work from back in the day as persuasion.

I'm no longer moving to Toronto.

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