Sunday, October 28, 2007

Humpty MacBook

I dropped my MacBook on the pavement yesterday.

It was inside a courier bag with no padding, the strap on one shoulder and not over my head like it ought to have been. I was 5 seconds out the door when it slipped and smacked against the driveway.

Overwhelmed with disbelief, I quickly pulled it out of the bag and lifted the lid. The MacBook, having been asleep, awoke as if nothing had occurred. But something had definitely occurred.

A quick survey around the edges of the MacBook revealed the back left corner had taken the full brunt of the fall, having lifted the plastic casing from the edge and slightly buckling the metal casing underneath.

For your viewing pleasure.

Amazingly, as a testament to the virility of the MacBook, everything still works. Even more so, my iSight camera, which had recently become non-operational apart from its green power indicator which remained on at all times, came back to life after I powered down and back up again. I first noticed the green light was no longer on, then did a test in Photo Booth, iMovie, and even Facebook Video. Imaging is back, but the previous problem of the mic recording static remains. Still, I'd call that a pleasant surprise in light of the matter.

What's possibly less pleasant is that dropping my MacBook has likely voided my warranty. The recent e-mail I sent to Steve Jobs, which got me the personal attention of Tajai in executive relations in the matter of seeing my pre-drop list of MacBook issues resolved, may now have been all for naught. I've contact Tajai to let him know what happened, and am fully prepared for him to advise that I'm now on my own, but I'll not know for sure until I get a reply.

Meanwhile, I'm grateful for still having a functional MacBook. Furthermore, the value of padded casing has hereforto been learned in perpetuity. Please, let this be a lesson to you all.

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