Sunday, January 13, 2008

5 Solid Reasons for deadmau5

You've probably noticed a bit of a BUZZ in the air over the last couple of weeks here in Sin City. New Year's Eve was a wild time for everyone, so normally by now all should be relatively quiet, but there's an undeniable noise that can be heard circulating this place, and it sounds a heck of a lot like party. That's because local DJ/promoter/hero Pat Dunn has been busying himself making the place ready for the arrival of a very special guest, the likes of which this town has never really seen before.

Meet deadmau5 |dead•mouse|. Never heard of him? Then I guess you haven't been listening. Hailing out of Niagara, Ontario, this producer/DJ has turned the heads and opened the ears of the entire electronic music world. Pete Tong, John Acquaviva, Chris Lake, they've all been playing his tracks and screaming his praises. He's topping all the charts and filling all the dance floors, and the next floor on his list is yours.

Thanks to the promotional efforts of Pat Dunn's BUZZ Management, deadmau5 is coming to St. John's this Saturday, January 19th at Liquid Ice. In case I haven't made myself clear: that's fucked.

To make myself even more clear, here are 5 solid reasons why you should go see deadmau5 this Saturday:

1. There are DJ's, and then there are DJ's, and then there are DJ's like deadmau5. If you think you've heard what electronic music has to offer in this town, then you must have traveled into the future, specifically to this coming Saturday, because deadmau5 is going to flip your perceptions on their head.

2. Tickets are just $23 dollars. Travel to London, England. Go to a top West End club. Pay twice that much for a DJ half deadmau5's caliber. Enjoy that.

3. Tickets are selling fast. What's that an indication of? You tell me.

4. Ever heard the term Modern Day Mozart? Pick up a copy of this week's Current and have a read. Then you'll know.

5. Pat Dunn is behind this. Have you met this guy? He is party incarnate. Figure it out.

deadmau5 is playing at Liquid Ice this Saturday, January 19th. Tickets are $23 (and include a free high ball) and can be purchased at Ballistic, Hostyle, and Liquid Ice. You know what to do.

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